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AK Press have put The Substance of Capital on Amazon. If anyone fancies adding a reader review there that would be helpful as Amazon ranks high in search results.

On Amazon

UK Bookshops currently stocking The Substance of Capital by Robert Kurz:

- Hydra Books
- News from Nowhere
- Freedom Bookshop/Whitechapel Road E1
- Housmans/Caledonian Road
- Bookmarks/1 Bloomsbury Street WC1B 3QE
- Bookartbookshop /17 Pitfield Street N1 6HB
- INFOSHOP/56 Crampton Street SE17.
- Bookstore/Bell Street NW1

The Substance of Capital by Robert Kurz is a book compiled from a series of German magazine articles translated into English. Kurz, who died in 2012, was an important figure in Marxist Value Theory (Wertkritik) and in this work he examined the central nature of work to Capitalist society. He also critiques the positions of other key figures in Value Theory including Moishe Postone and Michael Heinrich. Kurz’s belief that Capitalism was reaching its limits makes the book relevant in today’s situation of economic stagnation and ecological collapse with the accompanying calls by reformists for the state to fix it.
Mail order from the shop for £9.50 + p&p.

To order The Substance of Capital by mail please a cheque payable to " Chronos Publications " for £9.50 plus P&P (£1.77 UK, £4.75 Europe or £5.60 US) to BM Chronos, London WC1N3XX. 


   En anglais/américain, outre sur les sites Principia Dialectica et Libcom, on retrouvera de nombreuses traductions librement téléchargeables dans le recueil Marxism and Critique of Value, MCM' Publishing, Chicago, 2014 (Edited by Neil Larsen, Mathias Nilges, Josh Robinson, and Nicholas Brown). 

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